FAQ: Reservation Slips – Where & When?

We’re getting lots of questions about this, and despite us responding to people subsequent comments are burying our answers on the Facebook so I’m putting together a quick post to address things using our clarifications elsewhere.

Q: I registered on the site in time but have not received an email yet?

First off, check your spam folder, there’s always the chance it’s gone into there.  If you find it in there, stick the address it came from on the safe list.

Q: I hear other people have received their reservation slip?

No slips should have been sent out yet. Emails were sent which some people have taken to be “tickets†which is in itself wrong, your proof of entry will be handed over on the door remember.

Q: Why have no slips been sent out yet?

Apologies for the delay in getting your reservations to you guys – as previously mentioned, the process is taking us a little longer than other years, but if you were able to reserve a place rest assured you most definitely have it!

Ultimately apart from stare at it longingly, what exactly would you do with your reservation slip at the moment? Plenty of time left, don’t panic peeps!

Q: Why have you not announced much so far?

We’d love to announce everything we planned ahead of time, but our hands are tied for the most part. Schedules are often not known until nearer the event and we’re obviously obliged in some instance have to go through a lot of discussion and organisation with SEGA.

If you’ve decided not to come because not much has been announced it’s a shame that your basis on going is purely on what we aim to give you on the day rather than meeting friends and socialising – which is what the Summer of Sonic truly is all about.

Besides, it’s Sonic’s 20th birthday. Do you honestly think we’re not trying to sort out… you know… something important? Big things don’t happen overnight.

Q: I missed registration but really want to come!?

As we have said before there’s nothing stopping you coming along later in the day. You may have to wait a little while but it’s not the end of the world. We’ll be looking to get in non-registration people from 10am at the very earliest. You may have to queue up to wait for a space in the Centre but there is nothing to stop you visiting later.

Also: Can I please ask you don’t harrass SOS community moderators/staff please to see if you can somehow get around the system. It’s not particularly fair on us if you start throwing hypothetical situations/real life events/physical items at us for reasons as to why you should somehow get a reservation slip still.

Q: What would Hitler say about all this?

He’d probably say this.
**Caution, contains Adult Language.


About ArchangelUK

Webmaster of Sonic Wrecks and creator of Radio Redux, AAUK (aka Kevin Eva) was Sonic Online Community Manager at SEGA Europe from 2007-2011. He is also to co-creator of the Summer of Sonic convention and chief co-ordinator of the event. Follow him on twitter @thekevineva and Sonic Wrecks @sonicwrecks.
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43 Responses to FAQ: Reservation Slips – Where & When?

  1. avatar Vera says:

    Hey, we’re from the Netherlands and we have made a reservation for 3 people, but we don’t have received any e-mail after more than a week. We have recieved the first e-mails (with reservationnumbers 120, 154, 183) and we checked our spam folder everyday. We want to make a reservation for the ferry, so please can anyone say, what we suppose to do. Thank you, we would like to come very much.

    • Taken from a bmn comment elsewhere:

      If you received an email saying you’d registered, then you need but be patient and good things will come.

      If you haven’t received any email at all, then try to find the registration page on the SoS site in your browser’s history – it looks something like http://register.summerofsonic.com/registration/123/23485eacd2d73eac – and check the email there.

      If you can’t find that page at all, please email your details to summerofsonic@gmail.com and we’ll try to find it in the system.

    • Hey, een Nederlander! Wauw, dacht dat ik en m’n vrienden de enigste bekand waren XD

      Mja, zoals je hier dus onder leest, kan ff duren met tickets zelf.
      Ze moeten dus alle reserveringen controlleren en t duurt wat langer dan ze dachten ^^;
      Dus geen paniek, je staat dus in t systeem :D

      Als je op SoS trouwens naar een Nederlander zoekt, zoek maar naar iemand met blonde kattenoren en fluffy kattenstaart =P

  2. avatar Robert Evans says:

    I was looking forwards to Hitler as Bark The Polar Bear

  3. avatar Becky says:

    I watched the video… hopefully SOS should continue over the years to come ^^

    • As long as the fans keep supporting it in a good way, there’s no reason for it not to :D

      P.S. To the persons of highly awesome stature that are organising SoS, is there anything that I can do to help? :)

      • avatar Becky says:

        Okay ^^

        I think that you can donote money through the other websites. I’m not sure which ones though.

        I would donote money, but I have no job… I have £50, and hopefully I can spend it at London MCN Expo and SOS 2011. Spending like mad should help :)

  4. avatar Umiyuri says:

    That video was gold and you know it. Not only an excellent bit of parody subbing, but it flows just so well. As well as containing so many references to both the event and the fanbase, and finding time to parody the SoS-US complaints.

    Also, Bentley F***ing Jones. That is now his name.

  5. avatar Mathew Davies says:

    Very funny video, that raises a load of good points too. Hopefully it isn’t the last one this year although I’d respect the decision either way.

  6. Kevin,

    Can I just say that the video you just did, was genius.

    I can’t stop laughing at how you carefully edited the translation and dialogue, perfect timing, perfect message.

    Despite not being able to make it this year I wish you guys and gals, who are painstakingly organising this amazing event, all the very best as always. I will be sure to give you guys a call from the States when
    Sonic’s 20th B-day happens at the event, just to make sure you aren’t in life support systems after
    facing the massive queue of fans and inquiries throughout the day! XD = ) *thumbs up*

  7. avatar f-sonic says:

    lol the hitler thing was my reaction when i found out i missed it. u guys should release another 100 tickets for some of the unfotunate people. i still stalk this page in hope that there will be XD

  8. avatar KrazyBean says:

    One question…if you’ve reserved, you stay from 9:00-1:30 right? If 1:30pm passes, will the people who reserved be kicked out by force or will we be able to stay a little longer…or something?

    • avatar Dreadknux says:

      No. You can stay as long as you like (within reason – if you plan on leaving the premises for a while you must tell the door staff). All this means is that you have until 1pm to exchange your reservation card for a wristband.

  9. avatar Harry says:

    question, i reserved a place and got the confirmation email but now I can’t seem to find it in any of my folders. what’s going on with that?

    • avatar Dreadknux says:

      If you already received the ‘your reservation is pending’ email and have subsequently lost it, that is an issue you will need to take up with your email provider.

  10. avatar D-173 says:

    Just a quick question does anyone know what way they are sending the e-mails for the event?
    Are they doing it by number order or some over way because I have registered and I might of accidentally deleted the e-mail by mistake, I might of or not I don’t remember but my reservation number is 523 and if anyone can anwser this question it will really help

    sorry for any trouble

  11. avatar Elizabeth the Bathog says:

    I so loled at the video GOOD WORK!!

  12. avatar Zepthire says:

    Hey, I would just like to ask a few questions about the event. I heard about it a few days after the 2010 event, when Crush 40 uploaded videos of them there on their youtube channel. I would love to attend this year but I have missed the chance to apply for a reservation slip so I was wondering how it all works for someone without a slip. Sorry if this information is somewhere on the site and I missed it and thanks in advance for any replies.

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  14. avatar Amy says:

    Nice job on that hitler vid, very funny–

    So once Reg. is closed theres nothing you can do about it,huh?

    I say this cause I just found this website and didn’t even know that you had to reg. early, aw, fail on my part-

    Do you always have SOS in June? If I can’t make it this time then maybe I can go next year…you know..if we all survive 2012 (lol, jk)

    Thanks for all the work that you do!

  15. avatar Katiefoxe says:

    Hi I was just wondering but when people get the emails what do we do with them?
    Do we like keep them in our emails and then wait for the slips?

  16. avatar Taranea says:

    Dear Gods, was this video weird XD – I actually speak German and this was the oddest thing I’ve seen all day, I kept switching between a WTF-face and giggling like a lunatic! Kinda like a Charlie Chaplin or a Monty Python thing…^^ VERY nice idea to make that vid, I hope they show it at SOS on a big screen. :) Which movie is it from? “Der Untergang” with Bruno Ganz? It’s a nice idea to cheer people up who didn’t get slips, I suppose, too.

  17. Wasn’t there a video like this in the lead up to last year? It vaguely rings a bell.

    Keep up the good work!

  18. avatar Limey says:

    Me and a friend wanna go, but as far as I can tell registration is closed. We’d be coming down from the north so we’ll have to pay £100 trainfare-ish on the day. How much does it cost for late-in-the-day entry?

  19. avatar coretta says:

    I would very much like to go, but due to money constraints, it looks like I wont be able to go. Will there be a live stream this year? and if so will it stream from this site?

    Also, that move was comedy gold!

  20. avatar Elle says:

    My registration status is still listed as pending. Just wondering how long it’ll take to change too confirmed? :)

  21. avatar Caz says:

    I reserved my space early in the morning for SOS (on the day the tickets were out obviously) but I am yet to receive any emails, I was just wondering if maybe I missed something? I have checked my spam folder many times and nothing is there.

  22. avatar TheBlueStriker says:

    Question. when does the Summer of Sonic begin and when does it end?

  23. avatar Shadey says:

    wha time does the event end?

  24. avatar The Twin Tailed Wonder says:

    Hey guyz will Takashi Iizuka and Yuji Naka be signing autograph’s?

  25. avatar SK72 says:

    When we print out the reservation slips do they need to be in colour or can they be in black and white. We are out of coloured ink thats why lol.

  26. avatar noah says:

    when and where is summer of sonic 2012???????????? becasue my b day is june 5th and i was asking to go

  27. avatar Chris says:

    I want to take my boyfriend to Summer of Sonic 2012 for his birthday, does anyone know when it will be? And how I can get tickets for it?

  28. avatar bmn says:

    Nothing about SoS ’12 is concrete yet. The ’12 site should appear here sometime in early Spring with info.

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