Calm After The Storm

Another year, another Summer of Sonic! It’s hard to believe that our little meetup in a Covent Garden community hall that holds 300 back in 2008 could become definitively the celebration of Sonic in the UK, and this year we went bigger than ever.

Even last year we wouldn’t have dreamed that the face of Sonic for 15 years, Yuji Naka, would agree to come to our show, let alone in the company of current face of Sonic, Takashi Iizuka – or that they’d be snapping photos just as much as all of you guys were! In fact – and we hear this from all our Sega-related guests, actually – they were truly overwhelmed by the event and the love we all show for their creation.

So many of our guests see SoS and want to be part of it, or are part of it and want to come back. Returning after last year was our official best friend, Jun Senoue, as well as serial visitor Nigel Dobbyn. He joined up with colleague Nigel Kitching – who was last with us way back in ’08 – and Archie’s own Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley(!) for our biggest comic group yet.

We also had an eardrum-popping performance from electronica rockers Julien-K, and performances from fans ShadowGirl and Zonic. And some guy called Roareye, whoever he is. All interspersed with a load of stage events including Kevin’s Wrecks Factor, Dave’s Never Mind the Buzz Bombers, and a host of videos from Frobman and our friends at Sonic Paradox, Sonic the Comic Online and OverClocked ReMix. Rounded off nicely by Club Sonic DJ’d by Mark Hawley, and a surprise keyboard and guitar performance by Jun (and his new lead vocalist, Kevin!).

And did I forget to mention that we recorded a birthday greeting for Sonic from you guys, live at the show? A greeting that Sega, dare I say it, are going to put into Sonic Generations? Surely not?!

All told, about 1,250 of you joined the party on Saturday. Unfortunately we didn’t reckon on so many of you joining us – it’s the biggest increase in visitors we’ve had in our four year history – and a lot of you had either a really long wait, or didn’t get in at all. To all of you, I’d like to extend my sincerest apologies. It’s something we’ve never had to face before, and never want to really, and I’m sorry you had to go through it.

For those that did make it, however, I hope you all had an amazing time with everything we had to offer. At the end of the day, we’re just a bunch of Sonic fans that somehow convinced Sega to support us with our hairbrained Sonic conventions. Without them, and indeed without all the companies that support us for no reward – Archie, Microsoft, Nintendo, First4Figures… – Summer of Sonic would never be what it is, so thank you to all of them as well.

That isn’t quite the end of the story though. Over the next week or two, some of the people that helped run SoS this year will be sharing the show through their eyes on this blog. Looking in from the outside, you wouldn’t believe what goes into the show, and I thought last year’s was well worth the read, so you knowwhat to do, don’cha?

Summer of Sonic ’12? Well, who knows, really?

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15 Responses to Calm After The Storm

  1. avatar dragontamer626 says:

    It was an AMAZING day! I can’t thank u guys enough for pulling it off- really. There was such a good atmosphere despite looong ques and ferocious heat everyone was still friendly and smiling… even my b/f was like: everyones so friendly and outgoing… U don’t often get that at conventions these days… Proof that Summer of Sonic is indeed just a little bit different from anything else you’ve ever seen.
    SoS ’12? Well of course! How could we not celebrate the great blues 21st right? Right? *Grabs collar panicking* RIGHT?!?!

  2. avatar Allybee says:

    You all deserve a rest! Thank you so much for making this Sonic fan’s day. x

  3. avatar TheXiled says:

    I had such an amazing time at SoS, met some really cool people and got some awesome goodies. It was the first time I had ever been to SoS and hopefully won’t be my last.

  4. avatar f-sonic says:

    SoS was brilliant this year. i think it was better than last year, in that there seemed so much more to do. you really did a great job at packing as much sonicy stuff in 11 hours. in fact i think i only mannaged to sit down for like half an hour at the longest. and that was when the cosplays where on stage. i loved the freebees expectally the wrist band XD as you can wear it forever!

    It really was a great day, i am sad that it’s over for another year XD i though i can’t wait for next years SoS!

  5. avatar Umiyuri says:

    So much love, you guys. So much love.

    So much love to everybody involved in this, seriously. To everybody who was there, to everybody who couldn’t make it, to everybody who donated, to everybody who worked on it, to everybody even thinking of this – so much love you won’t be able to stand afterwards<3

    A certain blue-furred friend of mine is wishing all of you have birthday parties just as rockin' as he did!

  6. avatar Hogfather says:

    Oh great… I blinked when the photo was taken… oh well, at least now it looks I really am being propped up with strings and glue.

    • avatar JayZeach says:

      Oh no, this has already been discussed Hogfather.

      It was agreed you fell asleep, so we are going to have Rachel/Onikage ‘shop some Anime eyes on you. Or the awesome smiley. We haven’t decided :D

  7. I had an amazing time at SOS11! I am coming back again next year for S0S12. If I could turn back time to Saturday and do it all over again I would as it was fantastic! Thanks for making this an amazing day guys!

  8. It was a great day indeed unfourtnuatly i’m not sure if i will be coming next year

  9. avatar spiritofwolf says:

    Didn’t actually go for SoS11, but I was watching the livestream (two days before my exams!), and it really looks like the SoS team did a brilliant job. Thank you all so much for that. And really, I hope SoS will keep going for a long time after this (because I swear I will make it to at least one SoS, eventually).

    Here’s to the future of Sonic and his fans!

  10. The atmosphere at this event was amazing, especially when Jun Senuoe played live at the end! Nerdiest music ever, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything! xD

    I will definitely be coming back for SoS 2012, and I will make sure I register for tickets this time as unfortunately I was too late entering and missed the signings! :’(

  11. SOS’11, could there be a greater event? I doubt it. Round of applause for the staff for not only making the event itself possible but also for the active management that went into it on the day. I don’t think enough “thank yous” can be given out; truely outstanding stuff. The event has got so big now but even then the place was packed; I wouldn’t mind paying for a bigger venue next year.

    Regardless, any shortcomings were minute compared to the greatness on show. Thanks for the experience and will see you next year.

  12. avatar Crazy Sam10 says:

    Ah good, for the picture I’m looking at the floor. I sure hope there is a 2012 SoS, seeing as I’m working to get my cosplay done this time, exams tend to cut into prep time alot.

  13. avatar Shadey says:

    That was the best sonic event ever!!! Thanks for making my first Summer Of Sonic the best day of my whole life guys! That is until next year! BTW you can see me in the bottom left corner of the second pic up there. ^_^

  14. avatar Harry says:

    man, really wish i could’ve gone this year but that’s just the way it goes. Did get to watch some of the live feed though and you guys really pulled out all the stops. you guys deserve the rest and deserve to be proud of what you accomplished and if there is a summer of sonic 2012 i promise to do everything in my power to make it there.

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