Good News & Bad News & Good News

Right, sorry I’ve been a bit slow on the updates – but at least you are getting updates eh?  That’s all I can say to that!  Anyway I was over at SEGA this morning (as well as being on the phone yesterday, this morning, this afternoon and this evening and probably tomorrow) to shoot the breeze, chew the fat and other such sayings in earnest over Friday and Saturday’s goings on.  I have good news and bad news for you, the first bit of good news is that the good news seriously outweighs the bad news imo.

The bad news is that unfortunately the giant hedgehog in the sky has told us that Mario & Sonic London 2012 now won’t be able to appear at Summer Of Sonic 2011 sadly. I blame Koopa personally, he probably sat on all the copies or something.  We do say things are subject to change, hopefully this will be the only item that does.

Now the good news:

  • The number of Nintendo related jokes in the show will now probably increase.
  • We have two spare Wii pods now… so I’m going to throw my copy of Gems on one of them and you can play either Sonic CD, Sonic R or Sonic The Fighters.
  • The comics have arrived at SEGA Europe! So those will be waiting for you when you come in. Please give Archie some love.
  • As you will no doubt have seen the Summer Of Sonic stream, managed by The Sonic Show specifically (not Sonic Stadium as some outlets are reporting) will be returning. Ideal for those of you who cannot attend. We had several thousand people view the feed last year alone.

    More details will be announce on the Friday, check in to for this. Also I’m turning Sonic Wrecks into a sort of community/discussion portal for the day so you’ll be able to watch the stream from there as well as use the chat AND keep up to date on the latest tweets from those at the event.

  • T-Bird kindly posted up the update for the last Fan artist and the penultimate showcase guest.  Actually the last guest isn’t really part of the Showcase but it kind of fits in there. Svend will be revealing them tomorrow when he’s got half an hour.
  • We can now reveal the t-shirts you’ll be getting on the day (whilst stocks last) courtesy of SEGA. Holy Shades of Sonic Channel, Batman! They’ll be available in S, M, L and XL.
  • Speaking of t-shirts, you know the EPICALLY AWESOME 20th anniversary t-shirts courtesy of Insert Coin? These will be on sale at the event on a merchandise table run from SEGA. Feel free to snap a Sonic or Dr. Eggman shirt up. We love these guys muchly!
  • Sonic Paradox, having delivered their Sonic Shorts to me have sent me an updated video with MORE shorts. We’ll have a whole wardrobe at this rate. Big props to The Wax and his team.
  • You will also be recieving on the day a show guide, featuring a little introduction from two very handsome young bucks (alternatively one drunken viking journo and an unemployed ex-Community Manager) which will tell you what is happening and when, as well as containing an A3 Sonic poster. Ideal for getting signatures…. should you wish!
  • A special notice to Cosplay people, you’ll want to take note of this… as this is your prize should you win:Get ready to freak out….

    OH YES. WE GOTS ONE! I beat up someone at SEGA who was carrying it and made off with it. SEGA Europe have very kindly donated us one for a prize for a VERY SPECIAL event at SOS. Considering the amount of work you guys are putting into this, we decided to nominate this for the Cosplay competition. I’m sure you’ve been reading up on how rare these not-for-sale items are.

  • Because she clearly wanted to cause me issues as I was about to put this live, Nemain has put live another little preview of stuff that will be sold on the SW/T-Bird Merch Shack of Wonders…
  • I’m off to grab a bite to eat and a couple of hours break before I work through the night on things. GRIND BEGINS!



About ArchangelUK

Webmaster of Sonic Wrecks and creator of Radio Redux, AAUK (aka Kevin Eva) was Sonic Online Community Manager at SEGA Europe from 2007-2011. He is also to co-creator of the Summer of Sonic convention and chief co-ordinator of the event. Follow him on twitter @thekevineva and Sonic Wrecks @sonicwrecks.
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36 Responses to Good News & Bad News & Good News

  1. avatar Hogfather says:

    But… But… I want one of those statues *Cries*

  2. avatar Covskin says:

    My lord, I want all three of those t-shirts! There goes my plan for not spending much money…

    Shame about Mario & Sonic, but that was far from the biggest draw for me. There’s more than enough going on all day to make up for that!

    Just three working days left between now and SoS, can’t wait!

  3. avatar ChunNanDragon says:

    OMG i cant wait!!!, i really hope i’ll win the Cosplay Contest!! <3
    This year is going to be Way Past Awesome!

  4. avatar Becky says:

    I wonder how much the toys cost ^^

  5. avatar Euan the Echidhog says:

    Hi there

    Wow! Now thats a prize worth having ^^ Hope I’ll do well this year.


  6. avatar DarkNoise says:

    *Starts polishing the sniper rifal*

  7. “We can now reveal the t-shirts you’ll be getting on the day”
    wait.. GETTING? or BUYING? seeing as the next bit talks about buying of those other shirts. bit confused here ^^;

  8. avatar Umiyuri says:

    Oh well, not really cosplaying this year, so… ;_;

    BUT, if you can track down and then sell me a 3-inch Shadow figure (not the one with the bike) I would be extremely grateful! I can’t find him anywhere.

    Askin’ this as a favour, boys<3

  9. avatar shane says:

    how many of the free t-shirts have you got?

  10. Wow – I’m in love with the SoS T-shirt! I was wondering how much they’d go for – but free is a price I truly love :D Nice update AAUK!!

  11. The good definetly outweighs the bad. Seriously, if I had some gold rings I’d melt them down and make you guys some medals because the effort you have put into this is amazing.

  12. avatar Jix Hedgehog says:

    Not bad! Not bad at all!
    Archie and Sonic Paradox contributing :)

    Are the left over t-shirts from Sonic Boom going to be handed out also?

  13. avatar Hood says:

    Sounds like the 25th is going to be one of the greatest days ever and there is so much on offer for a free event as long as i can get something for my little bro and myself this time round then SOS11 will be epic incarnate

    Well at least there will be only one line now too bad it’s gonna be twice as long *starts having flashbacks to SOS10* i can already feel my legs going stiff

  14. avatar dragontamer626 says:

    Woah jeez! Soooo wish I was cosplayin now. U guys are really spoiling us. Even betta news is I got my tax rebate back on Monday. Three months worth… Is there anything betta to spend it on than Sonic plushies?!
    Probably…but I intend to buy some all th same! ;)

  15. Heya Kev! Thanks for the update!

    Just curious mate, how much are they selling for the Sonic/Dr. Eggman T-shirts by Insert Coin? Around 20GBP each? Thanks and don’t work too hard again this year!

    Kind regards,

    Elson ‘Darkspeeds’ Wong

  16. avatar Elizabeth the Bathog says:

    Awesome! I so gone have money for this!

  17. avatar Dr Spudhead says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work!

    Gaah, Now I have to choose what to get for my friends birthday. A siundtrack or an Eggman T-shirt. Hard to choose.

    Appreciating all the hard work going on, hope to give you a hand shake on the day!

  18. avatar Tru AKA CapnCloudchaser says:

    Wait, the SoS t-shirts are FREE??

    Wow, I was totally prepared to pay for one as well, but yet again you guys prove how awesome you are!

    The SoS t-shirt just looks awesome. I hope there are some large sizes so I can squeeze into one on the day, otherwise I’ll have to take it easy on the Chilli Dogs ;)

  19. avatar DeadCaL says:

    I have a question, will the live feed be saved for posterity and available to view later (hopefully not long after)? I don’t think I can make it to the event, and I’m not sure if I can sit in front of my PC all day (and probably would kill my phone if I tried viewing it on the move).

  20. avatar Matt-Alex "HiBRiD" Davies says:


  21. avatar guyperson says:

    first of all, OH GOD I WANT ALL OF IT

    second of all, i have a question, i might be able to go to this but i don’t have a ticket, and if i go my brother will be taking me, and with my age (13), will we be allowed entry?

  22. avatar Swiss says:

    Is that a Pastel plush I see in there?

    If it is, I hope I can grab it before it’s gone! ;D

  23. avatar page says:

    Is that a Sonic Soaps I see for sale?


  24. avatar KrazyBean says:

    …Do you take cards? =)

  25. avatar Tru AKA CapnCloudchaser says:

    I just noticed that it does say the t-shirts come in large, haha. I can have cake :D

  26. avatar Hood says:

    Oh and i just played the demo for sonic generations which is outstanding (graphics look amazing,gameplay is smooth,music is nostalgic etc) it felt like playing sonic the hedgehog back on the sega mega drive all those years ago but i was left feeling a little underwhelmed by how short it was and you can only play as classic sonic which isn’t a bad thing in it’s self but for a timed demo it could of had abit more to do(it can be completed within 2 mins)

    So i would like to know what the demo at SOS will provide that is different as i would hate to line up and waste all that time just to play the same thing again

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