Guest Announcement: Happy Birthday Sonic the Hedgehog!

Happy birthday Sonic the Hedgehog! It just feels like yesterday that we were all awed by the blue blur’s first 16-bit outing on the Sega Mega Drive, bouncing on springs and bopping badniks all day long. The fact that Sonic is still as cool today as he was back in 1991 is a true sign of his importance as a character and franchise.

Naturally, the blue blur would never miss an opportunity to meet his fans. So we’re pleased to announce that Sonic the Hedgehog himself will be appearing at the Summer of Sonic 2011 to have photos taken and enjoy the day with all of you!

There’s not long left until Saturday rolls around! See you then! Tell us about your favourite Sonic the Hedgehog memories in the comments box below!


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Founder of The Sonic Stadium, one of the best-loved fansites in the world, and creator/co-organiser of the Summer of Sonic fan convention. Svend works as a video game journalist for Thanks to you guys, this little dream of having Sonic fans meet up and make friends has become a reality. Follow his antics on Twitter @Svend_SPOnG, with TSS updates @dreadknux.
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10 Responses to Guest Announcement: Happy Birthday Sonic the Hedgehog!

  1. Oh i have so many memories of the blue blur but i think playing his first game whe i was younger ^^

  2. avatar Shaun F says:

    Gotta be the opening of Metal Harbour SA2 , awesome tune, awesome speed. Alongside every second of Sonic 2 (Megadrive)

  3. avatar Kevin "Solon001" Morris says:

    Favorite Classic Memory
    Collecting all chaos emeralds on sonic 3 and knuckles, completing the death egg zone, putting my controller down to get a drink, then the awe inspiring track of the doomsday comes on and rocks breaking, i dashed back into my room and felt the adrenaline!

    Favourite Dreamcast -> Gamecube Memory
    I lent Sonic adventure 2 battle from my cousin.
    When i’d go down my mates, I’d bring it down for him to have a go

    My mate Completed Sa2b First
    I completed it second
    My cousin completed it Last :P

    Favorite Modern Memory
    Experiencing the Power and speed of the daytime acts in sonic unleashed. like no rush I’d ever experienced!

    Favorite Recent Memory
    During my playthrough of the 20 years in 20 days challenge. I got to sonic 06. And beat the final boss with 0 Rings left, Literally I dealt the last chaos spear needed to defeat him as my last ring was spent (he hit me) So it was a battle, Would his final death animation complete before i fell to my death. The answer was yes. An epic end to a mediocre game.

  4. avatar Brett says:

    Jumping across the Jungle Zone and always falling into the water (Sonic the Hedgehog Master System)

    Sonic making me jump when I tried to activate the insta-shield and instead turned into Super Sonic (Sonic 3)

    Ignoring the fact that I was grounded and taking Sonic 3D from my Parent’s bedroom.

    Not blinking when Sonic turned into Super Sonic and the camera shows him off in different angles (Sonic Adventure)

    Bursting into tears, begging my parents to buy me Sonic Adventure 2 when I saw it in Toys R Us.

    Going beserk when I saw Sonic Advance, Advance 2 and completing Sonic Advance 3 in a day.

    Playing Sonic Heroes on my Brother’s birthday. (I am despicable)

    Playing Sonic Mega Collection and being like “Wow I remember this”

    Pretending not to be upset when Sonic 2006 was released only for Xbox and PS3.

    Playing Sonic and the Secret Rings and being like “Cool, different ring abilities”

    Finally getting Sonic 2006 after ages of waiting. Thought it was awesome.

    Playing the Sonic Unleashed demo with my jaw dropped at the speed.

    Unlocking Super Sonic in Sonic Colours and being like “OMG”

    Playing the demo of Sonic Generations and looking back on these memories.

    Good times.

  5. avatar Hood says:

    One for my favourite memories has to be playing sonic adventure 2 batttle everything about it just took sonic to a whole another level be it the immersive soundtrack,the variety of environments/stages,the return of the much loved choa garden,The uniqne versus mode that showed us new ways to battle also being able to be a hero and save the world or become dark and set out to conquer all that stands in your way.

  6. avatar Shadey says:

    best memory has gotta be SA2B chao garden. cute chao, veriety of characters, good graphics, so much fun! it’s kinda like having a pet that makes no mess. =)

  7. avatar Claire says:

    Can anyone tell me if Sonic the Hedgehog will be making an appearance at certain times throughout the day, (and if so, what times!) or will he be there all day? Thanks.

  8. i had so much memorres with sonic when i was a little kid and now i still like him i allways wanted to go to japan to meet the sonic cerw and i still want to i was starting to go but the stuff wat hapened to japan now i cant but now im hoping so hard to see the guys who make sonic games and when i was a little kid i lieked almost all the game good work hope this one is a good sonic game from juan biggest sonic fan ever

  9. avatar RikaFurude says:

    My ongoing memory of me and my brothers STILL attemping to finish SA2B with 180 emblems so I can unlock Green Hill Zone. IT’S BEEN 5 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!

  10. avatar Ash says:

    It is incredible about how far Sonic has come. He really truly is why I am who I am. He’s my insiration, my life. He’s sure made an impact!!!

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