…and exploration…
…and story…
…and physics…
…and… look, can we just stick with speed for now?


As I was saying, it’s all about speed. How quickly you get from point A to point B, regardless of other objectives, obstacles or power-ups.

This year we will be having a speedrun competition involving a mystery game from the Sonic franchises’ twenty years. We’re not going to tell you what it is but we are going to tell you what it isn’t.

You see, standard fayre would be to slap on Green Hill Zone and just test you on that, or maybe Splash Hill Zone as that is so recent. But, that’d be just too predicatable as far as we’re concerned.

So to confirm it will not be Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles or Sonic 4 Episode 1.  Neither is it anything new or yet to be announced before you get excitable.

Now, it could be that it is Metal City from Sonic Riders.
It could be Dragon Road (Day) from Sonic Unleashed.
It may very well be Speed Highway in Sonic Adventure.
Or perhaps Crisis City from SONIC The Hedgehog.

Then again it could be none of these…

A rather nifty prize awaits you if you clock the fastest time on the day, we’ll tell you when we open the show on June 25th.


About ArchangelUK

Webmaster of Sonic Wrecks and creator of Radio Redux, AAUK (aka Kevin Eva) was Sonic Online Community Manager at SEGA Europe from 2007-2011. He is also to co-creator of the Summer of Sonic convention and chief co-ordinator of the event. Follow him on twitter @thekevineva and Sonic Wrecks @sonicwrecks.
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26 Responses to “IT’S ALL ABOUT SPEED!”

  1. avatar Hogfather says:

    Sonic Generations! [/disclaimer: Despite doing buzzbombers I do not know what the game is]

  2. avatar Hogfather says:

    Maybe the speedrun will actually be whoever runs to the shop and buys AAUK some milk and cookies the fastest will win?

    I am not Santa Claus… and you’re so fired. – AAUK

  3. avatar KrazyBean says:

    Ohhh!! I hope it’s Sonic Unleashed, or better yet, Sonic Generations!! I’ve been practicing speed-run’s for Unleashed for years now!

  4. avatar Steven says:

    if it was apotos day act 2 i would blow your minds :) since im 7 seconds from the world record with a time of 1:50 :)

  5. Sonic Drift please!

  6. avatar HelenBaby says:

    I will squee if it ends up being Speed Highway or Dragon Road! Truly EPIC levels <333
    I'd also welcome any of the Sonic Rivals levels. If only because I'd have an edge because few people seem to bother playing them! But nah, they were amazing, for the most part, also =3

  7. avatar Kevin "Solon001" Moris says:

    I’m hoping it’s something from adventure 2, Metal Harbor, Green Forest of Pyramid Cave to be precise

  8. avatar Shaun F says:

    Spagonia Day!!!!! OR Eggmanland I hoped my Sonic Unleashed Platinum trophy would be useful for something one day.

  9. avatar Harry says:

    City Escape from sonic adventure 2! :D

  10. Dang. If it was a classic 2D game I would have a good shot. Sonic Adventure would be my next choice.

  11. avatar dragontamer626 says:

    Dang! I was hoping there would be an all star racing tournament like last yr. (Srsly guys do u know how much I’ve PRACTICED these last 10 months?!?! Aw well, still time right?
    And speedrun! Yay cool!

  12. avatar Steven says:

    if it were to be a sonic unleashed speed run they would need to bring along a completed save data with our beloved hedgehogs stats to the max to get the best possible run i wonder if they will… hmm

  13. avatar Hood says:

    Sounds good i would like to see city escape from SA2 myself but there are many others that would do the job nicely it’s a shame however i don’t think i’ll be coming as i didn’t sign up 4 a ticket and i would rather not spend money getting down there knowing i “might” be able to get in.

  14. avatar Alex says:

    I don’t care what level it is, I’ll lose to everyone.


  15. avatar DMP says:

    For some reason I got it in my head that it’d be the Vs Sonic Man mission from ’06 X_X

  16. avatar Churchy says:

    This is a seriously cool idea as it’ll keep people on their toes. It’d be interesting if it were something like Sonic CD, Sonic Adventure or perhaps one of the handheld games!

  17. avatar Eclipsecannon says:

    If its Crisis City from 06 then that would lolful, however i get the feeling its from either a stage from SA2, Unleashed or Colors because of the fact that these games have long stages which do NOT use location shifts like SA1 and 06. I just hope its not Riders ><

  18. avatar Hogfather says:

    I think it should be the Tiger Attack version of Sonic 3D, that will seperate the fans from the manly men!

  19. avatar jonathan tranter says:

    Any news on the entry slips ? because its 1 month to go untill the big day and some of us are coming from over seas and i think this is been handeled badly because it was 24 DAYS AGO that tckets revations opend and it says it would only take a week ITS NOW NEARLY BEEN 3 WEEKS NOW and NO NEWS all you have been updating is about the event ANY NEWS ON THE ENTRY SLIPS BECAUSE SOME OF US HAVE TO PLAN THE TRIP if you only release the enrty slips A WEEK before the event then thats BADLY DONE I AM STILL WAITING FOR INFO ON MY ENTRY SLIP and i have preants hounding me for info they say if i dont here with in the NEXT 2 WEEKS I CANT GO WITCH IS UN FAIR SO PLEASE IS THERE ANY NEWS

    • Firstly your claim that we put up no news regarding the slips and just been talking about whats going to be at the event is incorrect, as there was clearly a post in relation to answering questions about the slips and their status. (http://www.summerofsonic.com/faq/faq-reservation-slips-where-when) Administrators have also been responding to people on the Facebook page for the entirety of this duration – which has admittedly been longer than expected – so we have been responding there and we have also been responding to comments on here.

      We have been going through the validation process which unfortunately required us to check on something with SEGA, a very important clarification which I believe we have now received so we are readying to send out slips to those who got emails. IF we only released the entry slips with one week to go that would indeed be disappointing for you, however since we have not even hit four weeks to go I think that you can stop panicing at least for now.

  20. avatar Robert Evans says:

    It should totally be a level from SegaSonic the Hedgehog So I can go Mighty On Everyone

  21. avatar Zerobadniks says:

    I think Crisis City would be a great idea because it makes the player think before they act and it is quite a challenge.

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