Play Sonic Generations at SoS 2011!

You honestly thought we would host the world’s greatest Sonic the Hedgehog party and not give you the opportunity to play the game that everyone is talking about? Of course not! This year, at the Summer of Sonic 2011, you will be able to play Sonic Generations – months before it hits the store shelves!

Sonic Generations is the 20th Anniversary game that sees our beloved blue hero join forces… with himself! That’s right, you’ll get the chance to play as two distinctive styles of hedgehog. Get reacquainted with modern Sonic, and blitz through colourful 3D landscapes at mach speed while the world warps around you! Or take it back to the old school with classic Sonic – 2D platforming action just like you remember it!

Whichever Sonic you pick, the adventure will be filled with classic badniks, colourful set pieces and recreations of traditional stages such as Green Hill Zone. As far as Greatest Hits compilations go, it doesn’t get any better looking – or come with more attitude – than this!

There will be several gaming pods on the Summer of Sonic show floor with demonstration copies of Sonic Generations installed. Make sure you take the time to come down and enjoy the first few levels of the game in public before anyone else in Europe! You’ll be the envy of all your friends – all while you’re making brand new friends at Summer of Sonic!

What more could you want? Funny you should mention that, as we have a lot more announcements in store yet for you. Just you wait…


About Dreadknux

Founder of The Sonic Stadium, one of the best-loved fansites in the world, and creator/co-organiser of the Summer of Sonic fan convention. Svend works as a video game journalist for Thanks to you guys, this little dream of having Sonic fans meet up and make friends has become a reality. Follow his antics on Twitter @Svend_SPOnG, with TSS updates @dreadknux.
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30 Responses to Play Sonic Generations at SoS 2011!

  1. avatar Meg720D says:


  2. avatar Jakeiiii says:

    Oh my lawd! That’s amazing! :D
    I’ really can’t wait for SOS 2011!

  3. avatar Blackout2222 says:


  4. avatar Cinossu says:

    Awesome. Was worried SOE would screw us all over by not giving this.

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  6. avatar Marcus Kemp says:


  7. avatar Doctor_Ultimate says:

    Wow! This event just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait!

  8. avatar Puritylf4 says:

    Waaah, I remember the line to play Sonic Colours last year, it was insane so I didn’t get to play it back then. Gona have to give this a go though…

    • avatar ShadowTG says:

      The only way I managed to play it last year was because I got in pretty early, so try that.
      Anyway, there’s more than one pod this time around so it can’t be that hard..

    • avatar Becky says:

      Same here – I hope that there’s only one act for each person. As last time round, it was 1 level for each person, and it took too long.

    • avatar Hood says:

      Don’t remind me i was in that thing for a couple of hours i even missed the crush 40 signing man my legs were so stiff afterwards and i was pretty much the last one to play sonic 4 that day oh the horror

  9. avatar Swiss says:


  10. avatar dragontamer626 says:

    omg omg omg *mutters to self keep breathing just keep breathing* no no good! SQUEEEEEEEAL!!! XD

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  12. avatar Kylmar says:


  13. avatar Hogfather says:

    My body is ready.

  14. avatar Jansen "ShadowTG" McCord says:

    So, will the 3DS version be here too?

  15. avatar KrazyBean says:


  16. avatar sheezy93 says:

    lol seriously? eveyrone really nut about this expect me XD i dont mind sonic games at all but is it in xbox or ps3 cause it didnt say that D:

    anyway keep it up!

  17. avatar Timo Ward says:

    OMG YES. :D

  18. avatar sonicKAI says:

    Now I REALLY want to go.

  19. avatar Robert Evans says:

    Sonic Generation GET IN!!!!!

    Now just let us see Mighty The Armadilo in it and it’s a perfect World

  20. avatar SK72 says:

    “Make sure you take the time to come down and enjoy the first few levels of the game” wait …were getting more then Green hill zone?

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  22. avatar Alex says:

    In a word, EPIC!

  23. avatar Dan says:

    Awesome! Although I phear the lines :S

  24. avatar Steven says:

    Do you know if the newly announced City Escape level is going to be playable in your demo? :)

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