Reservation Service Now Closed

What an overwhelming turnout! In just ten hours (10am to 8pm) we have managed to fill up all of the allotted reservation spaces available for The Summer of Sonic 2011 convention! Thank you for helping make this one of the most popular years yet!

We will spend the next couple of days processing the submissions we have received. Due to various circumstances, this process will take around a week to complete, so please don’t worry about not receiving your reservation card right away.

If you were unable to save yourself a space for the event, do not worry – we have taken extra measures this year to accommodate a large number of additional people on the day. Although entry is not guaranteed this way, at least we will be able to allow as many people into the convention as we possibly can.

After processing all of the reservations, we may be able to launch a ‘second round’ of reservations to add to the success of today’s service. This is all dependent on the number of duplicated entries and other bogus reservations we have received today (rest assured though that if you have filled in the form with the correct details, your reservation is safe), so no promises! We will do our utmost best to ensure that all of us can enjoy the event.

Please also note that for the first hour of the convention (9am – 10am), only attendees with reservation cards will be allowed entry. This is to lighten the initial load on the door staff that work so hard to keep you all safe on the day. Those without reservations will be allowed entry after 10am depending on capacity. If you have applied for a reservation card, be sure to exchange it for entry before 1pm on the day, otherwise your reservation becomes void and entry becomes a free-for-all.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment in this post. Look forward to seeing you there – won’t be long until you receive your reservation cards!


About Dreadknux

Founder of The Sonic Stadium, one of the best-loved fansites in the world, and creator/co-organiser of the Summer of Sonic fan convention. Svend works as a video game journalist for Thanks to you guys, this little dream of having Sonic fans meet up and make friends has become a reality. Follow his antics on Twitter @Svend_SPOnG, with TSS updates @dreadknux.
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67 Responses to Reservation Service Now Closed

  1. grrrr I missed it! I’ll have to get down really early to get in! Really want to come. Fingers crossed for second round!

  2. avatar jonathan tranter says:

    OHHHH MAN its closed well good think i reservation 2 ticket this morning XX I SO HOPE ME AND MY BUDDY alex GET THE TICKETS. we have waited for a long time for this and now its nail bighting point now because we are redy to burst with joy and hoping to come this year. we missed the last 2 because we were too late BUT WE MADE SURE THIS YEAR we regesterd for tickets and WE HOPE WE GOT IN for the tickets

  3. avatar sheezy93 says:

    can i ask you something? my dad already posted it in ticket thingy in morning but we been waiting for whole day D: what happened to it?!

    i hope my hard work dont goes waste :C

    • avatar Shadzter says:

      From the article:
      “We will spend the next couple of days processing the submissions we have received. Due to various circumstances, this process will take around a week to complete, so please don’t worry about not receiving your reservation card right away.”

      So, don’t worry, you’ll get them :)

      • avatar sheezy93 says:

        i noticed XD thank you for point it out XD i think i must be stressed out XD haha! thank for clear my mind

    • avatar bmn says:

      As long as you got the confirmation email, all should be good.

  4. avatar Claire says:

    Oh man I am SO GLAD my b/f and I registered this morning. Wow TEN HOUR SELL OUT… this really does prove what a following Sonic and Co has! :D

  5. avatar Hood says:

    oh well looks like i might be skipping this year’s event

  6. avatar Stephy says:

    its incredible what can happen in a few hours

  7. avatar Reebie says:

    If you’ve filled up already then I’m not coming :/ cant risk the travel and it suggests like the venue is too small…. again!

    • avatar Tru AKA CapnCloudchaser says:

      The venue is bigger than before, it has two halls! It’s just that SoS demand is huge.

  8. avatar Kevin says:

    600 registrations in 10 hours? Whoa! I’m glad I got mine in this morning then.

  9. Wow, such a quick turnout! :o

    I was really hoping to reserve a spot but now Im unsure if I will even be able to go since I live overseas and expenses are not cheap. I truly hope that a second round will be opened, I’d love to partake in this years SoS! :)

  10. ah man i did’nt get my regerstrion are there any more spaces or passes to sper plllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssseeeeeee
    i’m beging you im on my knees please

  11. avatar Halkel says:

    Gotta hate Coursework, I never regestered in time because of it. ><;.

  12. avatar Shayna says:

    I got mine! 3 tickets… one for me, my mom & my brother… since I have them all sent to the same email address will that cause any problems? :/

  13. avatar sonicollectionmaster says:

    aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrr i really want these tickets i did not get any and this is gonna be my first year going!!!!! please please please will you put new tickets up for grabs i am so dissapointed and i am a MASSIVE SONIC FAN i only heard about this last year and i tried booking tikets for that and missed it so please could there be more tickets please?

    • avatar Umiyuri says:

      The registration cards aren’t tickets in the sense of ‘this is your only way of getting in’; they’re just fast-track passes. If you’ve ever been to a theme park on a package holiday you’ll know how those work. You’ll only miss the first hour, but that’s not the whole day, and there will be plenty of stuff happening after ten.

      Though if you get to the doors late, it might take you another half-hour to get in, judging by this lot. XD (It’s seriously not that bad, though. I remember the MCMExpo London ’10 line. Now that was what you call a line…)

    • avatar Sonicfan says:

      We got the same problem bro.

  14. avatar Jackskellinghog says:

    Hey, I’m probably getting there for about 9.30, 9.40 and I’ve reserved. Does this still mean I can get in with my ticket ahead of all the other guys or?

  15. avatar Sean says:

    Osama Bin Laden died. I am not allowed to go incase of an attack. NO!!!!!!!

  16. avatar Sonic fanatic says:

    Hi there:)
    Is there anyone out there who can’t come on this event? I need four tickets. I got one for me, but when I was doing the next registration it was closed. I am so upset! What should I do!?
    If there some kind people out there who can divert their tickets to my email, Im gonna be VERY happy:) Greetings from Norway:)

  17. avatar sonicollectionmaster says:

    hey sonic fantic its me i need four tickets aswell but i want there to be a second round of tickets and i guess you do but i really want these tickets i did not get any and this is gonna be my first year going!!!!! please please please will you put new tickets up for grabs i am so dissapointed and i am a MASSIVE SONIC FAN i only heard about this last year and i tried booking tikets for that and missed it so please could there be more tickets please? p.s. sonic fanti i now who you are so if we get five tickets if there is a second round you could come with us

  18. avatar Ali says:

    Eeek, didn’t realise registration had started and that it’d get booked so quickly. Oh well :( Will still wander along anyway <3

  19. avatar f-sonic says:

    8U i really hope the seccond reservations come up. regardless if there are no people who acidently registered twice. as the venue is suppost to be able to hold upto 1000 people at the most i think u should open another 100 to 200 spaces regardless. :p

    • I’m glad you think that. :P You are of course forgetting that that number doesn’t include the community staff, event staff, SEGA staff or special guests. It is also 1000 with nothing else in it.

      Keep that in mind.

      • avatar f-sonic says:

        yeah i agree. and expecally since a lot of people have to make long journeys and the fact that they might not have a perminant space will put them off attending for sure.

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  21. avatar Xed0rian says:

    Phew! I’m so glad that i’ve managed to register in the nick of time, still I’m so exited about going though, never went to a real convention before in my life, so i guess you can count it as my first. :D

  22. avatar Aura Starfire says:

    …dagnabbit, I forgot to register. Oh well, I’ll still come down and it means I won’t need to get up at an insanely early hour or book a hotel for the night before (it takes an hour by train from where I live) I’ll try and get there for nine-ish and wait around then just lurk for the day. Still annoyed though, will be watching the website like a hawk!

  23. avatar FamilyGAMEGuy8 says:

    I would’ve got one of sunday but I was surprisingly busy that day……this is just annoying….2010′s tickets lasted MUCH longer than this. I understand it’s the 20th anniversary and stuff but It was really fast! Aw well. i’ll turn up anyway and hope for the best…….Fingers crossed

    • avatar Dreadknux says:

      Hate to say it, but them’s the breaks. Consider that we offered a similar number of reservations this year as we did tickets last year, and you can imagine just how much buzz there is about this event! Last year, it took four days to clear out. Sadly, we have kind of been banging on and on and on and on about how popular this year’s show was going to be, and we gave you a week’s notice to boot. Rotten case of bad luck, I’m afraid.

      But as we said, we’ve made motions to allow for a large number of people without reservations to enter on the day, so please don’t fear the worst just yet! Queue up after 10am and we’ll see if we can’t get you in. :)

      • avatar FamilyGAMEGuy8 says:

        Can’t get me in? I see……..

        I’m going to assume that was a typo and preserve the worship

        • avatar Dreadknux says:

          It wasn’t a typo, but I didn’t mean we intend to keep you out. XD “We’ll see if we can’t get you in” or “we’ll see if we can get you in” can mean the same thing. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

          • avatar FamilyGAMEGuy8 says:

            Lol It’s fine. I’ll see if I can make it there early….hopefully

  24. I’m glad I registered really early. Now just gotta wait until I get the ticket to print. So pysched for this event.

  25. avatar Sonicfan says:

    Hi Sonic Team/Staff

    Is there any news about getting the reservation cards soon . I have regeistered for 4 people early sunday morning just minutes after the online registration opened. Still have not heard anything except an email confirmation that I have registered.

    • avatar JayZeach says:

      Hey there SonicFan!

      Worry not, the reservation’s are being worked on behind the scenes at the moment, due to this everyone’s reservation shall be pending for up to a week (As the News Post states).

      As long as you received your e-mail of confirmation, then your reservation shall be sent to you when ready.


  26. avatar Ian says:

    If your not going dude, any chance i can have your reservation ticket, i know its a long shot but you dont know till you ask :)

    • avatar Sonicfan says:

      We are all going. sorry can’t help. May be there will spare space after those who go in with the reservation.

  27. avatar Jackskellinghog says:

    Still havn’t received any ticket and I got a conformation email. Was there really that many people applying?

    • avatar Dreadknux says:

      Can I ask everyone asking this question to read the post above? It explains everything about receiving your reservation cards within the week. Thank you.

  28. avatar Katie says:

    So we don’t have to need a ticket, but as long as its not before 10am? Also if we can can me and my friend come in fancy dress?

    • avatar Dreadknux says:

      Of course you can come in fancy dress! As long as it’s Sonic related! :)

      • avatar Katie says:

        sure its sonic im coming as blaze my friends coming as shadow! , but as we dont have tickets which will hopefully be open again, we can come as long as its not before 10 am?

      • avatar Katie says:

        Sure its sonic! I hope there is another round of tickets!

  29. avatar YuyeeTheHedgehog says:

    Can we dress up too? I haven’t been before ^^; This may be my first time there if I get a place.

  30. avatar Nikki says:

    If i read correctly, i see Katie said if we dont have tickets then both of us can come but not before 10 am? and is there a second round of tickets going?

  31. avatar dragontamer626 says:

    Dude! I’ve been watching my emails all week. I even left it an entire week from sell out time 8pm and I still not heard anything. Did I leave the right email addy or has no-one else revived a card either…? Please and thank u. :)

  32. avatar Ginger The Hedgehog says:

    hi I reserved 2 tickets but i haven’t had a email saying thank you and wait patiently do you no if my reservations went though?

  33. avatar Beverly Pugh says:

    Outside chance of getting a reservation but I am making an appeal on behalf of my autistic son who is 20 next week, he never asks to go anywhere but desperatley wants to go to the Summer of Sonic. I have tried to get a reservation but missed out. I am asking if anyone has a spare reservation tht they would be willing to pass on. We are travelling from Lancashire the evening before so that we can queue and hope to get him in, but he will be devestated if he is not able to.

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