Special Guest #8: Jun Senoue

Music is a big part of the Sonic franchise, and the Summer of Sonic has played host to several key artists and composers in the past. This year’s convention will be no different, and for Sonic’s 20th we’ll be in the presence of a popular musician who will be making his second appearance at the convention. Not just because we wanted him back (which we did), or that you wanted him back (which you did) but that he really, REALLY wanted to come back and see you all again.

We welcome back the legendary Jun Senoue, music director for many of Sonic Team’s games and the composer for a range of unforgettable adventures such as Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. This year, Senoue-san is behind the incredible score to the 20th Anniversary title, Sonic Generations and he has been kind enough to take time out of his insanely busy schedule to enjoy the Summer of Sonic event with fans of his work.

Though not performing this year, Senoue-san will be present to meet with fans throughout the day, making for an electrifying and nostalgic event for fans of all ages. He’ll also be part of a special as yet to be announced item also involving Iizuka-san and Naka-san. Stay tuned for more details on that.

If you hadn’t gathered before you’re really being spoiled this year for people to see. :)

- Svend & Kevin-


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Founder of The Sonic Stadium, one of the best-loved fansites in the world, and creator/co-organiser of the Summer of Sonic fan convention. Svend works as a video game journalist for SPOnG.com. Thanks to you guys, this little dream of having Sonic fans meet up and make friends has become a reality. Follow his antics on Twitter @Svend_SPOnG, with TSS updates @dreadknux.
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17 Responses to Special Guest #8: Jun Senoue

  1. I am very happy about this, although I am very biased :)

  2. avatar Hogfather says:

    This bit….

    “Not just because we wanted him back (which we did), or that you wanted him back (which you did) but that he really, REALLY wanted to come back and see you all again.”

    Makes me smile.

  3. avatar Simon h says:

    Yay, glad that he’s coming back. Nice that he really wanted to come back again. Now to figure out what the showcase stage acts are in the guests section.

  4. avatar Dr Spudhead says:

    Yay, he’s such a good guy! I look forward to seeing him again! I wonder what he’s doing since he’s not performing though. Ah, the suspenese!

  5. avatar Marcus Kemp says:

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I hope Johnny comes as well!

  6. avatar TheGameplayer3000 says:

    Oh. Seems like fun. I really want to go but I really can’t.

  7. avatar Steven says:

    im guessing that means no performance from crush 40 this year. Damn. But still what a pleasure ^_^

  8. avatar stewthepoo says:

    i`m quite sad now that i know crush wont be performing :( but cant complain,being spoiled etc etc i can see why you left this news until last now, to soften the blow ha

  9. avatar dragontamer626 says:

    No Crush40?!?! This makes me sad. :(
    I shouldn’t complain I know but Jonny DID say… “I guess we’re doin this next year…”
    That would have made it PERFECT.

    Ah well… It’s JUN!!!

  10. avatar Michael Langlois says:

    This is such great news, but its also a double edged sword. No Johnny and no performance :(

    But Jun is such an amazing and modest guy, to want to spend time with us ravid fanpeoples :P

  11. avatar Jazzyjin says:

    Why do I have a feeling that Crush 40 WILL be playing….

    • No C40. We actually already said this but no one really noticed.

      • avatar Jazzyjin says:

        I did notice you said it. It was just wishful thinking that it might be a super secret surprise, sorta like what happened at Sonic Boom.

        • avatar dragontamer626 says:

          It would make sense… I’m sorta holding out a vague hope they MAY perform… it just seems daft they were a Sonic Boom but wont be at SoS to celebrate Sonics biggest birthday so far…
          Jus’ sayin’

          • avatar Michael Langlois says:

            Its like all the special guests from Sonic Boom are comnig except Johnny :(

            If its a schedule thing I can understand, but if its down to money, you can just charge it to my credit card.

      • avatar sean says:

        ahh, you said C4O perhaps its a trick. cos they are called crush 40… no, no i need to get real, they aren’t performing. but this is almost as good! Jun Senoue has been my favourite composer from a young age. i always favoured the classic sonic 3 and sonic adventure, dreamcast and megadrive music over the music that would be played in the 90′s. WOOHOO! :)

  12. avatar Doctor_Ultimate says:

    Yay!! It will be great to see Jun Senoue there again.

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