The Summer of Sonic Reservation Service Now Open (CLOSED)

UPDATE: Reservations are now closed.

Today we are launching our free ‘reservation’ service for those that are travelling from far away and wish to secure a place at The Summer of Sonic convention.

Entry is free, but we want to ensure that everyone who intends to make plans to stay in London can do so without fear of losing a place inside the venue and missing out on the day’s activities. As such, please note that this is a goodwill service only and is not a means of obtaining proof of entry into the Summer of Sonic event.

You can apply for a reservation at this website. Fill in the form, and we will check it over and email you a card which will need to be exchanged at the door for entry. The reservation card alone is not guaranteed proof of entry – it only saves you a place inside the venue, and for four hours after the event’s opening time (between 9am – 1pm).

The Summer of Sonic staff reserve the right to deny you entry if necessary, and you must still read and understand the Terms and Conditions of Entry on acceptance of entry on the day. The Terms and Conditions of Entry will be made available on the Summer of Sonic website ahead of the June 25th event date.

If you’re unable to get a reservation in time, don’t worry – we have taken extra measures to accommodate additional visitors in a pinch, so you may be able to get in on the day. Because we are expecting an overwhelming turnout, however, we highly recommend you apply for a reservation as soon as possible. If you need to add group or family members, you will need to apply each person separately.

We hope you are able to use this service to get peace of mind and secure your travel arrangements for the weekend! Let’s celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th Anniversary together! See you on June 25th!


About Dreadknux

Founder of The Sonic Stadium, one of the best-loved fansites in the world, and creator/co-organiser of the Summer of Sonic fan convention. Svend works as a video game journalist for Thanks to you guys, this little dream of having Sonic fans meet up and make friends has become a reality. Follow his antics on Twitter @Svend_SPOnG, with TSS updates @dreadknux.
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44 Responses to The Summer of Sonic Reservation Service Now Open (CLOSED)

  1. avatar jonathan tranter says:

    ARE ON

  2. avatar joana gouveia says:

    got mine!!!

  3. avatar Heaven the Hedgehog says:

    YAAAY!! now let’s see if i got the 1st one :p (waiting here since 3 hours now :p)

  4. avatar JoelxSonic says:

    I reserved a place, Im wating for it to be comfirmed YAY

  5. Setting my alarm worked; I am now registered for SOS11 reservation.

  6. avatar Ellie says:

    Yay, I have my ticket reserved!!!

  7. avatar Shannon says:

    Just registered and got an e-mail!

    I’m so excited for this convention. I’m from America and this is my first time traveling overseas, so I’m pretty pumped for this. <3

  8. avatar KrazyBean says:

    How do you cancel a reservation?

    • avatar bmn says:

      If you go back to your registration page (linked in the confirmation email), change your surname to “!CANCEL” (without the quotes), and submit it again. That’ll put it at the top of the list we see so we know to delete it.

  9. I just applied, cannot wait everyone ^_^

  10. avatar Linno Harasino says:

    Full of hyper fans ordering tickets now X) <3

  11. avatar jonathan tranter says:

    well i regsterd for my tickte I HOPE I GET ONE

  12. Registered as soon as it went live.

    Can’t wait to receive the proper confirmation n’ whatnot!

  13. avatar KrazyBean says:

    Registration is only for people travelling overseas, right? Well I don’t need to reserve then since I’m a hour away from this place =D

    • Reservation is for Everyone I think? would be odd if it WAS only for overseas xD;

    • avatar Hogfather says:

      Registration is for everyone. Doesn’t matter where you’re coming from.

      By that I mean, using this reservation service can be done by everyone, but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

      The benefits of doing it are outlined in the article.

    • avatar Heaven the Hedgehog says:

      i think, it’s for all fans… i heard that fans, who haven’t got a ticket won’t be abled to get in….

      • avatar bmn says:

        Without a reservation, you may not be able to get in, depending on how many people come.

        By reserving your place, you can get in in the first hour, and you’re guaranteed that there will be space for you in the venue until 1pm. We’ve got some leeway between the total number of reservations, and the capacity of the venue – from 10am to 1pm we’ll only use that leeway to let people without reservations in.

        After 1, however, it’s first come first served until the venue is packed, after which you’re out of luck even if you had a reservation.

  14. avatar Covskin says:

    SoS ticket – Reserved!

    Train tickets – booked at a very reasonable price!

    Excitement – steadily rising!

  15. avatar Richy says:

    Ticket Reserved! :-)

  16. avatar bannyister says:

    Do under 3s need a reservation/ticket to get in?

  17. avatar Katie says:

    My friend made a mistake on her adress in the form, can she change it? :)

    • avatar bmn says:

      Sure she can. In the email confirmation, there’s a link to your registration – go there, edit whatever, and submit it again.

  18. avatar Cinossu says:

    Register’d. Couldn’t make it last year because I was in the States, but I’ll be able to this year. ( Obviously, as I wouldnt’ve registered otherwise. c_c; )

  19. avatar Kevin says:

    Registered myself and got my e-mail!

  20. avatar Carlo says:

    I regestered mine and waiting to be accepted.

  21. Do i still need to register for tickets as i’m not traveling oversea

  22. avatar sonicollectionmaster says:

    will the tickets be avalible tommorow

  23. avatar Richy says:

    Wow, register is closed already o.O

  24. Pingback: Sonic Wrecks - Registration Open On SOS Website

  25. avatar Darkgun says:


    To quote the registration website:

    “Sorry, advance reservations for The Summer of Sonic 2011 are now closed.

    If you reserved your place previously, please find the email(s) we sent you then for more information. You may find them in a spam folder if they’re not in the inbox. You’re still free to change your personal information if you need to.

    If you’re too slow to reserve a place in time, you can still come to the event for entry after the first hour. You are, however, not guaranteed entry and may have to wait in a queue for people to exit if the venue is at full capacity.”

    Did I miss the registration already? I really hope not. That would be rather sad.

    • avatar Darkgun says:

      Disregard the above problem. It seems to have rectified itself. Which as opposed to the above scenario makes me incredibly. INCREDIBLY Happy.

  26. avatar Clover says:

    Has the system broken or has all the tickets been given out?? I only just been able to check the website because of my laptop being broken D:

  27. Got the reservation, got the hotel, costume is on the way. It’s gonna be one hell of a show! :D

  28. avatar Kani says:

    How long until we hear whether our reservation has been a success or not? I’ve not heard anything yet.

  29. avatar Jake Marriott says:

    Is there any possible way for special reservations for people who are traveling long distance as me and my cousine are coming all the way from birmingham by train? The only thing im worried about is going all the way to london and then suddenly we cant get into the event.

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