What’s this? Reservations are being sent out? Surely not…

Hopefully you should all be receiving your reservation slips soon, along with the Terms & Conditions of entrance. The following is a little guide to what you need to do with your slip on the day:

First things first, we ask that while you wait to enter the venue, you queue sensibly and look after your fellow attendees; we want you all to make it into the venue safe and sound. Be aware that like in any big city you make sure that you keep all of your personal items with you, and that you keep an eye on them.

We aim to open as soon as we can at about 9am (be patient if there is a slight delay!) and upon entry you will need to hand over your reservation slip in order to get in quickly. Unlike previous years, we will take your reservation slips, and we ask you don’t laminate them. Please do not alter the reservation tickets in any way or your ticket will be invalid regardless of the code on it.

If you have no ability to print your reservation ticket out, don’t worry! As long as you have your code either in picture form on a mobile device such as an iPod/iPhone, or simply written down , you’ll be able to get you in, but please aware that it’ll take us a bit longer to get you in.

Once we’ve taken your slip or verified your code, we’ll give you a wristband so that if you wish to leave the venue for a bit of fresh air you’ll be able to get back in.

That’s all there is to it! Once you’ve got your wristband you’ve got access to the Summer of Sonic convention! For those of you without reservations, you’ll have to wait until those with reservations have been allowed entry. Entry without reservations will also depend on whether or not we have enough room, but we will do our best to get everyone in. We would also advise those of you with reservations to aim to arrive at the venue for 9am and those without reservations to aim to arrive at 11am; If you have any problems on the day, the door staff (all wearing clear identification) including Urtheart will be at the door to help you.

See you on the 25th of June!

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40 Responses to What’s this? Reservations are being sent out? Surely not…

  1. avatar Elizabeth the Bathog says:

    Awesome! I got mine and dads reservation slips! Thank you!!

  2. avatar Steph says:

    Nothing yet, just hope it does in time

  3. avatar dragontamer626 says:

    Weeeee! So excited now… Gettin cloooooseerrr. We r gettin there for 8am! No joke! XD

  4. avatar D says:

    Getting much more excited now than just counting down the days on my calendar. ^_^

  5. avatar Shayna says:

    Got mine! All 3 of em…Prolly be there around 7 am xD

    • avatar JayZeach says:

      Just letting you know that you still won’t get in till 9AM. There’s no need to be there ridiculously early on the day as no one will be getting in untill 9AM (Not counting unexpected delays of course)

      Would be much better to get a decent full nights sleep before coming along than standing around outside tired :)

  6. avatar Cinossu says:

    :U Welp, last time I offer up a nicer looking logo for this thing. Oh well..

    *prints out ticket*

  7. avatar diifii says:

    Oh YES!!! i cant wait!!! this will be so epic!!!!

  8. avatar Hogfather says:

    I guess it’s a bit too early to ask this just yet… But I suspect others will want to know too. Did all the reservation slips get sent out? Only I’m still waiting on mine but people who registered after me seem to have got theirs.

  9. avatar Umiyuri says:

    Haven’t received anything yet… Any particular reason why, or is this just taking time to process?

    • avatar Dreadknux says:

      Please contact me at dreadknux AT gmail DOT com with your full name and the details you used to register.

      • avatar Sean says:

        should i do the same? cos i havent got mine yet.

      • avatar Sean says:

        I was given the reservation email at the start of May, but not an email with the ticket in it.

        • avatar bmn says:

          If you click the link inside the email you received in May, you should see the status of your reservation. If you find a reservation on the left side of that page, then you can use that and don’t need the email.

          Otherwise, feel free to email us.

  10. avatar Gonic says:

    I was one of the ones who didn’t get a reversation, travelling all the way from Manchester just to see if I’m lucky enough to get in D:

  11. avatar Sonicfan says:

    Got all mine this morning!

  12. avatar Jansen "ShadowTG" McCord says:

    HUZZAH! SOS11 here we come!

  13. avatar sheezy93 says:

    got mine! :3 here we go to fluffy sos11 XD
    who’s coming?! 8D

  14. avatar KrazyBean says:

    Got mine!! Can’t wait, just 1 month left until my first time attending a SoS convention =)

  15. avatar karen powers says:

    Hi, how do l get a reservation slip for my son and his friend to get into the Sonic convention in June at London?
    Kind regards,
    Karen powers

    • Unfortunately they’re all gone but you can still get in after 11:00am and it’s still free. Best thing to do is arrive an hour early so you can be as far forward in the queue as possible. Hope this helps :)

  16. avatar sean says:

    AHH IM FREAKING OUT! i sent dreadknux a message but i haven’t had a reply yet. what if i dont get the chance to go in :(

  17. avatar sean says:

    dreadknux hasn’t replied to me yet!

    • avatar JayZeach says:

      You need to give staff time to reply. They have lives also, for example, I know over the weekend since friday Dreadknux has been quite busy. Make sure you’ve sent the email to the correct address ( dreadknux (@) gmail (.) com ) and await reply.

  18. avatar Rosebloodbullet says:

    Hey, my dad hasn’t gotten his reservation ticket. I think his email deleted it by accident. What do I do now? Can you send me a new one? What if I can’t get in? :(

    • avatar bmn says:

      If you still have the first email sent out, use the link in that email as it goes to the same place.

      • avatar Rosebloodbullet says:

        That’s the problem… I don’t have either one… :( I got my ticket… What the hell am I supposed to do now

      • avatar Rosebloodbullet says:

        Oh, and I ment MY ticket, not my DAD’S ticket… I still don’t have my dad’s ticket… :( Can you send me a new email?

  19. avatar Rosebloodbullet says:

    I received my ticket, but my dad did not receive his. Can we get it re-sent?

    • avatar bmn says:

      Hi. I’ve sent out his confirmation email again, and it should arrive shortly if it hasn’t already.

      If you still have problems, please email me directly at bmn@sonicstadium.org and we can try and work out what the problem is.

  20. avatar sean says:

    hi, i sent a new reply to dreadknux hoping he will recieve it soon

  21. avatar Logan says:

    What do I need to do (or do next time) to get a reservation ticket? I’m flying to London Heathrow from the US for this event! Hopefully I’ll be able to get in

  22. avatar Leah says:

    Kl! I’ve got a question though that I was wondering someone could answer for me. Me and my mum are going and little baby sister is coming too. She’s 4 months old and I was wondering if she would need a ticket?

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