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Courier? I Hardly Knew Her! – Reason #347c Why Archie Are Awesome

Do you remember last year? I crafted a little deal with Archie which enabled you to nab a free comic on the day in your little orange goody bags. Well unknown to you I’ve been chatting with them again and … Continue reading

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It’s An Archie Double Digest: IAN FLYNN Heads To SOS 2011!

After we announced several days ago that Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Universe comic series head artist Tracy Yardley would be attending Summer of Sonic 2011 many of you were very excited. Well I’m pleased to confirm that unless he’s … Continue reading

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Challenger Approaching: A New Guest Has Appeared!

As Summer of Sonic expands so does our ability to appeal to those beyond the borders of Europe, this goes not just for attendees but for guests as well. As I reminded you a little while back, we’ve had more … Continue reading

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