Food Glorious Food – Don Fachio’s Comes To Summer Of Sonic

As you know our “American cousin” Sonic Boom is on tonight in Los Angeles, T-Bird and Dreadknux are over there as guests of honour (or should that be honor?) to discuss Summer Of Sonic.

Those of us left behind to ‘man the fort’ aren’t jealous at all. Although mysteriously both Adam and Svend are now on toilet cleaning duty after Summer Of Sonic. Most strange. *Puts away schedule*

Now I’ve been having a chat with the venue today and I have confirmed our menu, we may not have croissants… but we have BAGELS baby. That and with our Chili Dogs it’s like we have our own London branch of Don Fachio’s – so guess what, we’re going to call it just that!

(prices to be confirmed)


Breezy Dog (Chili Dog)
A Don Fachio’s favourite, a meaty treat served Apotos-style with a London twist.

Doggone Dog (Vegetarian Dog)
This lean, green dog has no meat whatsoever. The top seller at the now defunct Eggmanland branch of Don Fachio’s comes to London as a Summer Of Sonic special.


Professor P’s Culinary Concoction (Cheese & Salad)
Chow down on this healthy cheese and salad bagel, likely to contain cucumber (sliced thinly if you please). For clarity, absolutely does not include Chao.

Big’s Special (Tuna & Mayo)
And he most certainly is… All the cool cats will want a bite of this tuna and mayo treat. Makes excellent bait for frogs. Caution: may cause constant cameoing.

Catch Me If You Ham (Ham and Tomato)
Won’t let you down, a high taste grown – in a bread form with piggy and tomato.


Miss Vanilla’s Home Made Carrot Cake
We sincerely hope you enjoy our cake, fresh out of the family warren. 9/10 crocodiles approve greatly of the baker… and the cake as well.

Chip’s Super Awesome Chocolate Cake
Hey… want some chocolate? Light in Gaia, not necessarily light in calories. But who cares about that? NOM!


Various flavours available.  Not hedgehog flavoured, that would be in poor taste considering…


Chaos Cola
Get that 100% perfect chaos taste…

Also… Lemonade, Tea, Coffee, Fruit juice and Other soft drinks available.

Since I was asked, I asked the venue (who is organising all the food) and they cannot guarantee the food to be halal or kosher.  So if this is a requirement for you, please make alternate arrangements.


About ArchangelUK

Webmaster of Sonic Wrecks and creator of Radio Redux, AAUK (aka Kevin Eva) was Sonic Online Community Manager at SEGA Europe from 2007-2011. He is also to co-creator of the Summer of Sonic convention and chief co-ordinator of the event. Follow him on twitter @thekevineva and Sonic Wrecks @sonicwrecks.
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15 Responses to Food Glorious Food – Don Fachio’s Comes To Summer Of Sonic

  1. avatar Hogfather says:

    “Food Glorious Food”

    Does this mean SOS is going to end with you slowly marching Svend through the streets of London singing “Boy for sale!”

  2. avatar Jakeiiii says:

    Chaos Cola!!! AWESOME! :D

  3. avatar Stiv says:

    If I go up to the person serving and say “One chili dog to go, slow mo. And mondo on the chili.” Will I get a chili dog mondo on the chili or will I just get a slap?

  4. Loving the menu. With all these chilli dogs being chowed Adam and Svend may shift toliet duties to someone else……

  5. avatar Jen says:

    Hmm…being the fussy eater I am, would I get a cheese bagel without the salad if I asked nicely?

  6. avatar sheezy93 says:

    NO HALAL?! NO HALAL?!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo then the world are so doomy D:
    lol thank for let us know XD i’ll tell my mom about this.. CURSE YOU WHOEVER YOU’RE SPOIL HALAL >:C lol XD

  7. avatar TheBlueStriker says:

    Yay! For once in my entire life, I’m finally to have…a chili dog!

  8. i’m a very fussy eater myself and things i don’t like are chilli, tuna, cucumber , onions etc

  9. avatar Dazz says:

    No ham & cheese bagels?

    I don’t like anything on that menu :(
    …Except all the deserts.

  10. avatar SonicGo! says:

    First I couldn’t go to Sonic Boom now I can’t go to SOS!
    (Though Sonic Boom did NOT have chili dogs from what I heard…)
    I really wanted to see this menu! Someone post pictures of it somewhere please!

  11. avatar DCLeadboot says:

    All sounds rather interesting… :)
    But when are prices to actually be confirmed? I’ll need to be forewarned, so I know whether or not to bring my own lunch (if it turns out too expensive)

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