Eggstra-ordinary, Super Easter Super Trailer Reveal

[Taken pretty much wholesale from Sonic Wrecks]

Okay, its Easter and we’ve not got anything major to tell you, so instead here’s a small thing we’re going to make a major fuss of.

Since SEGA very kindly announced two games in less than a week I thought we should probably remind everyone about Summer Of Sonic. Considering the amount of people we got by announcing the venue had air conditioning we full expect several thousand people to now want to turn up. Hint: If you don’t get it, this is a rather tongue in cheek announcement.

This trailer is so awesome it could only be topped by a lion, riding a tiger, battling a t-rex that is firing sawn-off shotguns that shoot broadswords. WHICH ARE ON FIRE.

In all seriousness these are confirmed and I have been trying since SOS 09 to get these – we’ll have more news later on about “proper” things. We’re still awaiting the powers that be.



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Webmaster of Sonic Wrecks and creator of Radio Redux, AAUK (aka Kevin Eva) was Sonic Online Community Manager at SEGA Europe from 2007-2011. He is also to co-creator of the Summer of Sonic convention and chief co-ordinator of the event. Follow him on twitter @thekevineva and Sonic Wrecks @sonicwrecks.
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16 Responses to Eggstra-ordinary, Super Easter Super Trailer Reveal

  1. avatar Tru AKA CapnCloudchaser says:

    Holy crap, Chili Dogs?! Best. SoS. EVER.

    Looking back on previous SoS’s, food never really bothered me, I was just having too much fun being there. At the first, I don’t think I ate anything, but you guys were kind enough to provide drinks, and it did get really hot in there ^_^

    At the second SoS I popped out to a newsagents across the road and bought a Cornetto. That’s all I needed, man.

    At the third, I didn’t leave at all. There was so much to do that I just didn’t want to leave, so I didn’t eat at all throughout the event itself, but my friend was kind enough to bring me a drink from the scary outside. Staying in all day was my choice though and I sure pigged out on pizza afterwards, but guys; No food and no air conditioning helped me lose weight! High five! xD

    Are we having a Sonic bake sale too? I could bring Sonic cookies :3

  2. avatar jonathan tranter says:


  3. avatar Elizabeth the Bathog says:

    YAY!!! :D

  4. avatar Steven says:

    CHILLI DOGS :) i cannot wait to eat them <3

  5. Oh THAT’s Really worth the money we have to pay for the ticket for SoS! :D

  6. avatar Exu says:

    Oh God I almost died at PIECE OF CAKE!

  7. avatar Jansen "ShadowTG" McCord says:

    Haha, that’s fantastic. Thanks for including a vegetarian option, too. Dunno how I’d survive knowing people are eating superspecialawesome food and I’m not. =3

  8. avatar sheezy93 says:

    i have one question.. are food and drinks free? because it didnt say that D:

    • No they won’t be free.

      • avatar sheezy93 says:

        ah thank you very much ^^ i’ll tell my mum!
        hey may i ask you something else? i wish to ask ‘See Hear’ programmed but before that

        i wanted to speard the deaf awareness about being deaf artist
        it is annoying that i cant find anyone who are deaf artist like me

        if you want to email me more about it then please do let me know

  9. avatar Dr Ultimate says:

    Yum. I will have one of those.

  10. avatar Linno Harashino says:

    I love Chili doge they’re sooo delicious!!!

  11. Wow, this is a neat little addition.

    Screw my diet, I’m gonna chow down on one of those bad boys!

  12. Tracey Yardley aint got nothing on this! I mean chilli dogs? Surely nothing can best that! In all seriousness though I’m glad that there’s food available. I was perfectly happy bringing my own in the past but a little variety never hurt anyone.

  13. avatar Heaven the Hedgehog says:

    Chilli dogs O___o Greatest SoS EVER!!!^^ i’ll get at least 3 :p

    so we got plenty cool stuff there… will there be an afterparty this jear too…… we got a preparty, so i’m wondering….

  14. I really hate chilli :( sorry if i have to complain

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