Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games – Play it at SoS 2011!

We’re proud to announce that Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games will be available to play at the Summer of Sonic 2011 convention! The third in the record-breaking series, the partnership between Nintendo and SEGA’s mascots coupled with the prestige of the Olympic Games continues with more fun and excitement than ever.

A host of exciting new headline events, including football and equestrian, will debut on the Wii version – appearing alongside classic Olympic disciplines such as athletics, aquatics and table tennis. These new sports are sure to ignite even more fierce competition between friends and family in both single and multiplayer modes!

The all new roster of Dream events that are set in popular Mario and Sonic worlds make for a truly unique sporting experience that can only be found in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

So come along and be sure to give this addictive party game a play – where better to try it out first than in London, at the Summer of Sonic convention?

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Play Sonic Generations at SoS 2011!

You honestly thought we would host the world’s greatest Sonic the Hedgehog party and not give you the opportunity to play the game that everyone is talking about? Of course not! This year, at the Summer of Sonic 2011, you will be able to play Sonic Generations – months before it hits the store shelves!

Sonic Generations is the 20th Anniversary game that sees our beloved blue hero join forces… with himself! That’s right, you’ll get the chance to play as two distinctive styles of hedgehog. Get reacquainted with modern Sonic, and blitz through colourful 3D landscapes at mach speed while the world warps around you! Or take it back to the old school with classic Sonic – 2D platforming action just like you remember it!

Whichever Sonic you pick, the adventure will be filled with classic badniks, colourful set pieces and recreations of traditional stages such as Green Hill Zone. As far as Greatest Hits compilations go, it doesn’t get any better looking – or come with more attitude – than this!

There will be several gaming pods on the Summer of Sonic show floor with demonstration copies of Sonic Generations installed. Make sure you take the time to come down and enjoy the first few levels of the game in public before anyone else in Europe! You’ll be the envy of all your friends – all while you’re making brand new friends at Summer of Sonic!

What more could you want? Funny you should mention that, as we have a lot more announcements in store yet for you. Just you wait…

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What’s this? Reservations are being sent out? Surely not…

Hopefully you should all be receiving your reservation slips soon, along with the Terms & Conditions of entrance. The following is a little guide to what you need to do with your slip on the day:

First things first, we ask that while you wait to enter the venue, you queue sensibly and look after your fellow attendees; we want you all to make it into the venue safe and sound. Be aware that like in any big city you make sure that you keep all of your personal items with you, and that you keep an eye on them.

We aim to open as soon as we can at about 9am (be patient if there is a slight delay!) and upon entry you will need to hand over your reservation slip in order to get in quickly. Unlike previous years, we will take your reservation slips, and we ask you don’t laminate them. Please do not alter the reservation tickets in any way or your ticket will be invalid regardless of the code on it.

If you have no ability to print your reservation ticket out, don’t worry! As long as you have your code either in picture form on a mobile device such as an iPod/iPhone, or simply written down , you’ll be able to get you in, but please aware that it’ll take us a bit longer to get you in.

Once we’ve taken your slip or verified your code, we’ll give you a wristband so that if you wish to leave the venue for a bit of fresh air you’ll be able to get back in.

That’s all there is to it! Once you’ve got your wristband you’ve got access to the Summer of Sonic convention! For those of you without reservations, you’ll have to wait until those with reservations have been allowed entry. Entry without reservations will also depend on whether or not we have enough room, but we will do our best to get everyone in. We would also advise those of you with reservations to aim to arrive at the venue for 9am and those without reservations to aim to arrive at 11am; If you have any problems on the day, the door staff (all wearing clear identification) including Urtheart will be at the door to help you.

See you on the 25th of June!

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…and exploration…
…and story…
…and physics…
…and… look, can we just stick with speed for now?


As I was saying, it’s all about speed. How quickly you get from point A to point B, regardless of other objectives, obstacles or power-ups.

This year we will be having a speedrun competition involving a mystery game from the Sonic franchises’ twenty years. We’re not going to tell you what it is but we are going to tell you what it isn’t.

You see, standard fayre would be to slap on Green Hill Zone and just test you on that, or maybe Splash Hill Zone as that is so recent. But, that’d be just too predicatable as far as we’re concerned.

So to confirm it will not be Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles or Sonic 4 Episode 1.  Neither is it anything new or yet to be announced before you get excitable.

Now, it could be that it is Metal City from Sonic Riders.
It could be Dragon Road (Day) from Sonic Unleashed.
It may very well be Speed Highway in Sonic Adventure.
Or perhaps Crisis City from SONIC The Hedgehog.

Then again it could be none of these…

A rather nifty prize awaits you if you clock the fastest time on the day, we’ll tell you when we open the show on June 25th.

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A Quick Note About Merch & Goody Bags

Remember what I said about you not getting free things this year?

Well, after I’d publically done this, because it was all set in stone, we had a call with SEGA where they promptly told us they’d gone and changed their minds.

Now I was a mite ticked off about this, especially as I’d been helping to design them and we’d been discussing some verrry snazzy things indeed.  They’d also decided they weren’t going to do multiple t-shirt designs anymore either but just one. Oh, and they were rather likely to just give them to you guys.

Cue eyebrow-raising; they were only doing one t-shirt design and  now they weren’t going to sell them either? Errr, okay.

Then SEGA said what they were actually going to try to do and that was when we got rather excited as it was indeed rather special.

So basically ignore everything I said in that post the other day, consider it Sonic 06′d – it never happened! As for what SEGA will actually bring on the day for you, how much it’ll be for and what else might come with it… er… I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Besides two can play that game *cracks knuckles* lets see if we can try for one more AAUK miracle, eh?

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TAKE MY RINGS! Dobbyn/Yardley Collab Print Coloured Preview

Nigel Dobbyn has offerred his Facebook followers a preview of the coloured up preview of his and Tracy Yardley awesome collaborative effort along with some other details. Prints will be 12 x 16 inches.

Answering a question from STC-O’s Stiv on the yellow background colour, Dobbyn replied:

“There were so many colours going on in the characters, it was hard finding a base colour against which they’d all show up. They all stood out nicely against this. Will have to see what Tracy thinks!”

Thoughts on the pic? Comment below!


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Merchandise, Buzzbombers & A Bit More On 9am Entrance Slips

Guys, a plea from us: if you have questions regarding the early bird entry registration PLEASE READ THE FAQ. That’s why it’s there, we’re still dealing with questions regarding “where is my slip” and “what if I didn’t register in time” some of which are actually coming in on the FAQ itself.

Please read it first, because somewhere Picard is triple-facepalming.

In much better news you may or may not have noticed the Event section got an update with various things including the confirmation that Never Mind The Buzzbombers would be returning for a final showdown between Team Dreadknux and Team T-Bird.

I can also confirm that no, there will be no goody bags this year. There will be a couple of little bits for you which we will confirm at a later date but no goody bags exactly. This comes following feedback from SOS 2010 where you guys said to us you’d actually prefer some more limited edition merchandise on sale at the event over smaller freebies.

So on that basis, guess what I can confirm?

We have teamed up with SEGA to make you some kick-ass limited edition Summer Of Sonic branded items for sale at the event!

I can’t tell you exactly what at this moment as we’

re still confirming all the details but certainly multiple-items (I think its fair to say you can expect limited-run SOS branded t-shirts for instance) exuding Sonicness and the sort of coolness that can only come from something born in the nineties.

SEGA will be there with the goods in hand (and seven rings as well I guess) and you’ll be able to find them over as part of Wentos’ Trading Station.  Apparently business was so good for the salesman over the past two years he’s upgrading into full on store there!

We’re talking with SEGA daily to try and pack as much into this event as possible and nail down all manner of surprises, so keep checking in on the website!

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FAQ: Reservation Slips – Where & When?

We’re getting lots of questions about this, and despite us responding to people subsequent comments are burying our answers on the Facebook so I’m putting together a quick post to address things using our clarifications elsewhere.

Q: I registered on the site in time but have not received an email yet?

First off, check your spam folder, there’s always the chance it’s gone into there.  If you find it in there, stick the address it came from on the safe list.

Q: I hear other people have received their reservation slip?

No slips should have been sent out yet. Emails were sent which some people have taken to be “tickets†which is in itself wrong, your proof of entry will be handed over on the door remember.

Q: Why have no slips been sent out yet?

Apologies for the delay in getting your reservations to you guys – as previously mentioned, the process is taking us a little longer than other years, but if you were able to reserve a place rest assured you most definitely have it!

Ultimately apart from stare at it longingly, what exactly would you do with your reservation slip at the moment? Plenty of time left, don’t panic peeps!

Q: Why have you not announced much so far?

We’d love to announce everything we planned ahead of time, but our hands are tied for the most part. Schedules are often not known until nearer the event and we’re obviously obliged in some instance have to go through a lot of discussion and organisation with SEGA.

If you’ve decided not to come because not much has been announced it’s a shame that your basis on going is purely on what we aim to give you on the day rather than meeting friends and socialising – which is what the Summer of Sonic truly is all about.

Besides, it’s Sonic’s 20th birthday. Do you honestly think we’re not trying to sort out… you know… something important? Big things don’t happen overnight.

Q: I missed registration but really want to come!?

As we have said before there’s nothing stopping you coming along later in the day. You may have to wait a little while but it’s not the end of the world. We’ll be looking to get in non-registration people from 10am at the very earliest. You may have to queue up to wait for a space in the Centre but there is nothing to stop you visiting later.

Also: Can I please ask you don’t harrass SOS community moderators/staff please to see if you can somehow get around the system. It’s not particularly fair on us if you start throwing hypothetical situations/real life events/physical items at us for reasons as to why you should somehow get a reservation slip still.

Q: What would Hitler say about all this?

He’d probably say this.
**Caution, contains Adult Language.

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Fleetway Vs Archie! Dobbyn/Yardley Ltd Ed Print For SOS 2011

Let me tell you a story, you guys think we plan things a few months in advance. Well I officially began plans for Summer Of Sonic 2011 on August 8th, you may recognise that as the day after SOS 2010.

Though I didn’t tell the other staff for a few months, myself and Tracy Yardley! were having a bit of a chat. You see Tracy sent a load of artworks over for 2010 for you guys to purchase from the store and he thought SOS was great, so we looked to get him over this year.

I though had another idea, why not get Archie and Fleetway together? Their Sonic teams were rather contrasting, and with Archie’s team having all kinds of multi-verse alternate shenanigans wouldn’t it make sense that eventually the two would collide? Sooo, I proposed the prospect of a limited print to Tracy featuring both the Archie and Fleetway teams.

Tracy loved the idea and I then e-introduced him to Nigel, the result you can (partly) see below – a Yardley/Dobbyn collab featuring every Sonic comic fan’s dream Fleetway Vs Archie!

This limited edition print will be on sale at SOS and I’m sure will be in red hot demand. I know I want one!

We’ll show you the final result when its coloured and will of course give full details on pricing/numbers when we get it from messers Yardley and Dobbyn.

More surprises that both will and will not involve your wallet to come. :)


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Nigel Dobbyn & Fleetway/Archie Panel Confirmed For SOS 2011

Making it a hat-trick of appearances from 2009 to this year, we’re pleased to confirm that Sonic The Comic artist Nigel Dobbyn will again be returning to Summer Of Sonic rounding off our guests from the world of art for this year.

Nigel has been very popular with Sonic fanartists, using his wealth of knowledge to give critiques , tips and lessons on drawing style and drawing awesome things for folks as well.

He will be joining Nigel Kitching – the first time the pair have been at SOS together since 2009 – Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley on a special on-stage Sonic Comics panel where they will take your questions on Sonic as a comic character. Comparing both the Archie and Fleetway styles of publication.

What differences between the setups of Fleetway and Archie – what was the mindset, how have characters differed? What are their opinions on the brand now and how would they have tackled older games in Archie’s case and newer games in for Fleetway?

You ask it – they’ll answer it.

It’s the principle writers with the most well known artists of each brand in the ultimate in Sonic comic panel discussions for Sonic’s 20th birthday.

Stay tuned for more Summer Of Sonic news.


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